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     Skiing is a sport that has become incredibly popular in recent decades. The art of skiing takes a couple of different forms. Skiing includes the rush and skill of downhill skiing as well as the endurance of cross country skiing. The variations of skiing equipment you need will differ depending on the form you are interested in. There are a few different methods of downhill skiing. Some take courage as well as the rush of such adrenaline.

     One type of downhill skiing is known as mogels skiing. This is a form of downhill skiing where you have to ski over numerous bumps. This takes a lot of skill. The idea is to use your knees to ride the bumps with excellent balance in your jumps and lands.

     Another type of downhill skiing is called aerial skiing. This is a physical and mental workout in itself and requires training and practice. Aerial skiing involves acrobatics where you hit a jump, perform some sort of acrobatic stunt in the air and then land perfectly onto your feet. These extensions of skiing can all be found in the Olympics as well as the triathlon 3 race. In the winter time, this race includes a form of skiing that is a part of three races.

     One other method of skiing that we can mention here is extreme skiing, though you would have to be incredibly brave to attempt this! Extreme skiing is where you ski down a side of a mountain.

     Sports equipment in terms of skiing requires safety and comfort for the benefits of your skill and control. Control over your skis as well as your movements is incredibly important. There are also quite a few pieces of equipment that are great skiing accessories. From glasses to ski wax, you can find everything you need to have a wonderful day on the slopes.