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     There a quite a few pieces of ski equipment that are great accessories for your day on the slopes or for a day of cross country skiing. Gloves are a must have to keep your hands warm throughout your day. Sunglasses and backpacks are also really handy to have. However, your sunglasses can easily be replaced by your goggles. You can buy backpacks of all sorts of styles and with numerous compartments depending on your tastes. Water bottles and hydration packs are really important to have when you are out all day in the sun. The two main types of hydration packs and water reservoirs are 'over the shoulder' packs and collapsible water reservoirs.

     Helmets at this point are not mandatory but there is a push to make it a safety law. Helmets can save your life in the case of an accidental collision with a tree or another skier. Ski helmets should have a quick drying liner as well as an easy and secure closing and fit. There are three main helmets to choose from which include full shell protection, 3/4 shell, or 1/2 shell. Choose the size that fits you best. Some helmets have nose guards, and some have clips for attaching your goggles.

     Ski racks are a handy ski accessory that gives a simple, safe and compact method of ski transport. Many skiers will face a hike up the mountain and ski racks are a great help. Most quality racks hold 4-6 pairs of skis and securely hold your skis and bindings in place. There are many racks that attach easily to your car as well. There are also racks that accommodate one pair of conventional, shaped or powder skis and poles and these are incredibly versatile in travel.

     For skiers who are venturing in unknown terrains you can use an avalanche probe pole which checks for the depth of snow. Heart rate monitors and sports watches help you monitor your progress and heart rate. These will help you in knowing when you need to slow down and when you need to step up during skiing or any other sport or fitness exercise. You can find heart rate monitors that also measure altimeter, timers and ascent/descent rates. There are altimeter watches that let you know what altitude you're at. They track ascent and descent rates and many features such as tracking your number of runs skied, a barometer, a compass, and timers and alarms.

     Another great accessory and many would say a definite need in skiing equipment is wax for the bottom of your skis. Wax greatly improves the glide of your skis against the snow and can be found at many ski shops. Ask the sales representative about the best way to apply the wax to your skis or ask them about a service of doing it for you.