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New Skiing Equipment

     New ski equipment can be on the pricey side but is worth the investment of quality for the sake of your comfort and safety. There are many outlets where you can purchase quality ski gear at a lesser cost. Often ski equipment retailers will advertise the retail price as well as their sale price and you will find there is quite a difference.

     Ski suits have to be of quality to keep you comfortable and warm. Suits can range from $130 to much more. Ski boots also need to be quality gear and boots can begin at great discounts for roughly $150 but can range to about $700 in price. Skis can be very expensive depending on what you are willing to spend. Though they can start at around $200 or $300 they can increase in price to as high as $1200.00 or more. Poles used in skiing can start at around $40 but quality poles could easily be priced at $60 or more. You can find bindings that start at around $70 at a discount but full price can range from $160 - $300.

     Ski goggles are a very important piece of equipment. You need goggles with good UV protection. Not wearing any at all can cause short term painful sunburn which is known as photokeratitis and this can lead to snow blindness which is very dangerous. Possible damage includes cataracts and other eye diseases. You also need the appropriate color lens. Yellow, gold and amber lenses are designed for low light and foggy conditions. Brighter light requires ski goggles with dark lenses such as green. Features that protect against anti-fogging discourage condensation from forming. Good peripheral vision allows for a 180 degree vision so you can see skiers coming from other sides of you. Polycarbonate lenses are impact resistant and flexible which protect against shattering if you happen to fall and goggles with scratch resistant coating will last a lot longer. New, quality goggles can start at about $40.

     Accessories used in skiing can be costly, depending on your personal needs and tastes. Regardless of your style of skiing, it is better to know you have everything you might need before you leave rather than needing something you don't have once you're already there.