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Ski Suits

Ski Suits

     Ski suits and clothing are an incredibly lucrative industry that takes two main factors into account, fashion and function. Skiers certainly need to keep warm and comfortable while they ski and they want to look exceptional while doing it. Ski suits have become an important aspect of skiing equipment.

     Ski wear is has some of the most specialized clothing around. Layering is a term that is often applied to ski suits. These layers include a wind and waterproof jacket as well as pants on the outer layer, a thermal underwear layer next to the skin, and one or two insulating layers in between.

     Uninsulated shells, designed to be worn over an insulating layer, are the current trend in suits used for skiing. Pants and jackets come in different styles, weights and colors and are usually weatherproofed. Many styles of suits come with a mesh lining that is designed to allow the skin to breathe.

     Shell construction materials often use synthetic materials such as nylon and polyester. Commonly used fabrics include Antron, Supplex, Stunner, Tactel and Taslan. Some of the more technical lines use rugged synthetics such as Berguntal and Caprolan while stiffer materials such as Cordura are used in high-abrasion areas.

     Most skiwear fabrics are treated with a coating or laminate to make them waterproof as well as enabling the skin to breath. This is the case for both technical and fashionable skiwear. These coatings and laminates produce microscopic pores that are too small to let snow or rain inside the suit but allows moisture to escape.

     All ski suit shells require an insulating layer for warmth. One of the more common type of insulators are made of quick drying, durable synthetic fleece simply because fleece insulators provide warmth without the extra bulk. These articles of ski clothing include pullovers, full-zip jackets and vests as well as long johns that combine fleece with stretch material. Down, which was the very first insulation material used in skiwear, is another commonly used insulation material for ski suits. It is soft, lightweight, and durable. It also has a high loft which is what creates the puffiness that is known as one of ski fashions favorable looks.