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     Used ski equipment can save you quite a bit on money rather than purchasing brand new. Often, skiers will use their gear for one or two winter seasons before wanting to upgrade. The important factor concerning equipment that has been used is that it is in excellent condition and is not compromising your comfort or safety.

     Your online classifieds or local sales papers can offer a great means of finding used ski gear. Ski suits are a definite money saver when bought used. You'll want to check for the quality of the insulation of the ski suit as well as its shell. Ski boots can be a money saver as well, but this may depend on personal taste. A lot of people don't want to wear the same boots as another but on the other hand…if you have found a quality pair and you're saving a few hundred dollars, you may want to reconsider.

     Skis and poles can also pieces of equipment that can be bought second hand. Just be sure to check for cracks or malfunctions of any kind. Goggles are an important item that must be of quality as well. These are protecting your eyes from the sun, snow and any debris you may come across. Bindings could be bought used, but this may be a safety issue. There is a lot of debate concerning bindings and it may be in your best interest to purchase these new to begin with.

     There are also all sorts of ski accessories that can be purchased used. From backpacks to ski racks, if you're looking to cut down on the prices of your equipment, purchasing used is the way to go.